January 24 – July 27, 2003

Visit the Blanton’s screening room in the back of the downstairs gallery for a changing exhibition of projected videos and films by contemporary artists. Each installment brings together works by diverse artists exploring common themes in distinctly different ways.

February 13 – March 20

Projections: Elemental

Samantha Krukowski, Salt and Glue (2002)

Rivane Neuenschwander, id=“Inventory of Small Deaths” (Blow) (2000)

Brian Fridge, Vault Sequence (1997)

March 21 – May 8

Projections: Dystopias

Willie Varela, His Hidden Presence (1998)

Maria Marshall, Once Up On (2000)

Jenny Stark, Did You Hear Something? (2002)

Enid Baxter Blader, Hometown Apocalypse or Something, from The Apocalypse Series (2001)

May 16 – June 19

Projections: Body Language

Brent Steen, It’s okay…okay (2001)

Andr?a Caillouet, Swing (2003)

Kristina Spritzer, Meta, Metaphor, Metamorphosis (2002)

Alex Lopez, Shell Shocked: S.O.S.–Victory leads to progress (2002)

June 20 – July 27

Projections: Allegories of Cinema

Christian Marclay, Telephones (1995)

Bogdan Perzynski, Kindly (1999)

Duncan Ganley, Points of Entry (1999)

Fraser Stables, Terminal Portrait (Scott) II (2002)